Latino Immigrants

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AOF.FE.092505.EDR.JPG  Alma Rodriguez (center) joins fellow members of Sinai Hispanic Pentecostal Church in Warsaw, NC, after being recognized by pastor Jose Castillo (background) for completing an intensive, 3-day  retreat, or "Encuentro de Damas", where several women dedicated their lives to God.  "I used to skip church all the time," said Rodriguez.  "I'd drop my kids off with my mother and sneak away to party.  I drank beer, smoked, and even once tried cocaine."  During the retreat, Rodriguez wrote a letter to her three sons that read, "I'm sorry if I've been a bad mother.  We'll be a better family now, living with God."  Rodriguez' mother, also Alma Rodriguez (far right), attended the retreat to support her daughter.  "My heart goes out to her," said the elder Rodriguez.  "I'm very proud."  staff/Ted Richardson.