Acts of Faith

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AOF.FE.080307.EDR.JPG  Iconographer Tom Clark re-touches the halo around his 22-foot portrait of Christ inside the dome of St. Nektarios Greek Orthodox Church in Charlotte on Friday, August 3, 2007.  "This might be the only time some people see the light of Christ," said Clark, who tries to guide souls, not as a priest, but as a painter.  "My hands, this paint, these visions ... they are all gifts from God," said Clark, who explains he is making visible an invisible world he sees full of angels, saints, and Christ.  "Going between these two worlds ... what a thrill!"  Clark, originally from Chicago, lives near Athens, Greece, with his wife and five sons.  He expects to complete this, the largest commission of his 25-year career, by October.  Staff photo by Ted Richardson/News & Observer...