Acts of Faith

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AOF.FE.022008.EDR.JPG  Gregory A. Poole, Sr. belts out "Jesus Cares for Me", a church song he rehearses twice a day  to prepare for his first-ever solo with the Male Chorus at Lincoln Park Holiness Church. "I asked the Lord to groom me to sing this song," said Poole, whose raspy, poweful voice fills his favorite rehearsal spot, a small bedroom at the back of the house where he grew up on Edenton St, a home he now shares with his grandmother.  Poole's blend of singing and screaming makes it easy to believe he can do a mean James Brown impression.  "This screaming, this song, is a gift from the Lord," said Poole.  "There's nothing I won't do for Him."  Staff photo by Ted Richardson/The News & Observer.